Anson County Jail

The Anson County Jail was opened in 1984 and is located at the same address as the Sheriff’s Office. The present Jail replaced an old jail that was built around 1912. That building was demolished and a parking lot is now located where that building stood. The present jail has a capacity of sixty (60) beds. In 2010, the average daily inmate population was 68. The Jail books over 2,000 individuals annually.

The Jail is inspected annually by the local health department and fire department and twice annually by the NC State Division of Facility Services/Jail and Detention Section.

Captain Freddie Paxton is the current Jail Administrator. Cpt. Paxton is in charge of all the Detention Officer staff and ensures that the day to day operations of the jail are properly taken care of and reports to the Sheriff when necessary.

Jail Administrator

Captain Freddie Paxton
Business Phone: (704) 694-9328



















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